HEY YALLSES! I am back after almost a year 😉

So clearly, since I have come back to this blog, I have also created another fantage account 🙂

So my new username is FabCoffeeWaifu (I dont know if you can type in usernames and add the person directly… But if you can add me please?)

My new google plus is Violet Callahan (since I got locked out of my old one) and I am on the fantage community and Fantage Shimmer’s Style Boutique.

This is what my new avatar looks like: (btw I’m such a noob LOL) myvatar


HONHONHON Welp this is le me BOIZZZ
-aaaaaaaaaand the weirdness finally comes out- 

Yep well, see you guys later 😉

~Momo- Chan



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