Saint Patrick’s Day OOTD#6

saint patrick day.PNG    Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!! I had to celebrate it with dinosaur gloves and a glittery hat.

steve dino.PNG Steve: Did someone say dinosaur?

steve dino.PNG  Steve: HAHAHHAHHUHEUEHEH derp.

saint patrick day

anyways, back to the ootd..

Hair: Neon green hair

Hair Acc: Jaunty hat

Top: Basic shamrock

Bottom: Green striped pants

Body acc: Kaiju gloves

Shoes: Cleopatra’s sandals

Board: Green striped board





This is a ballerina inspired outfit

Hair: Black bun
Top: purple striped tank
Bottom:Blue pleated skirt
Body Acc: pink stardust
Shoes: Lacy pink flats
Board: Ice board

Quick beach girl sketch

If you want to see more of my drawings, check out my main blog!

Pillowful Thoughts


Arms,legs, and other things are a little skewed. Eh. Doesn’t really matter too much.

Even though it’s not summer time yet here,where I live, I made this summery beach outfit. She’s is so happy… I was trying to get the chest area motion, aka, the breast motion/shape, right.  I don’t have anymore comments to make. That’ll be it.

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Pretty in Pink

A very pink outfit fit for a fantagian.

Hair: Bright pink hair
Top: Froggie shirt
Bottom: Tan shorts
Body Acc: Heart Bracelet
Shoes: Cleopatra’s sandals
Board: Checkered madness


ootd 3

This is something I would wear on informal events, like hanging out with friends, on the weekends. It has five old items (ghost tee,dark blue shorts,Cleopatra sandals, bunny nose, and rose moodie).I’m not sure if the spider web board is old or more recent. You can pair the outfit without the accessories and substitute it with others.

Hair: Neon blue hair
Face Acc: Bunny nose
Top: Ghost Tee
Bottom: dark blue shorts 
Body Acc: Blue stardust
Shoes: Cleopetra sandals 
Board: Spider web








Old Fantage Drawings

These are some of my fantage inspired drawings. I usually don’t draw fantage things, but a I found some from the summer. So these were drawn in 2015. But if you want to see more recent drawings, please comment.





ootd 2

Causal and Girly.


Hair: Super short blonde ponytail

Hair Acc: Pink Kitty ears

Face Acc: Bunny Nose

Top: Black leather Jacket

Bottom: Denim Skirt

Body Acc: School bag

Shoes: Glittering Pink Shoes

Board: Mini Board




For OOTDs, I’ll be posting them whenever I can, but not daily. By the way, my OOTDs may not look so great.ootd3

Easy way to style old fantage items




Top: Pink Striped Tee

Bottom: Tan Shorts

Body Acc: School bag

Shoes: Glittering Pink Shoes

Board: Grayscale Board

This is a simple spring/summer that you can wear to school. It’s not expensive, and mostly non-member items from le shop, board shop, stellar salon, and fantage events. The shoes is from the unicorn egg event and the school bag is from a back to school event. The hair is ecoined, and everything else is bought in stars.

-Angie Chan

New Author!

Hello to the people of lefantagepotato!

I’m the new author, Angie chan. You may know me from my main blog, pillowful thoughts. I obsess about anime, k-pop, and youtube. I love playing fantage on the weekends.

I’ll be posting about ootds, recolors/edits, and fantage drawings.


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