So Hyper

釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-06-15 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 2.50.54.png





2 minutes drawing

image.jpegWelll idk why I posted this but I was a bit lazy, and I guess traditional art isn’t that and after all?

When you see desperate people

for whuns:

釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-05-25 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 2.55.21.png釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-05-25 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 2.55.21 1.png釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-05-25 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 2.55.23.png

How I feel:
釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-05-25 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 2.56.50.png釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-05-25 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 2.57.02.png釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-05-25 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 2.57.30.png釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-05-25 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 2.58.05.png釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-05-25 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 2.58.28.png

when you see a man with a beard who is flirting聽with many girls when he already has his “poo”聽You know, bae means poo in Danish…?
釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-05-25 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 3.00.01.png
How I feel:
釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-05-25 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 3.02.21.png釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-05-25 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 3.02.49.png

when you see a snowball running away from the hunter:
釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-05-25 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 3.01.31.png
How I feel:
釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-05-25 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 3.04.28.png

When you see Michelle at the caf茅,
釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-05-25 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 3.01.32.png

How I feel:
釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-05-25 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 3.14.25.png

This is such a boring post, with me and my boring ideas.


*sounds on*

When I’m supposed to search for “english words with definition” I secretly make a new tab to play Fantage and WordPress..

釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-05-04 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 7.17.57.png
OH life is fun life is great //sings

釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-05-04 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 7.18.46.png釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-05-04 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 7.19.17.png//ads pop out// Oh wow we’re having “happy mother’s day” event on May 5th to 11th? Uh huh, interesting.聽But in Korea, students are resting from May 5th to May 6th Oh yeah the 5th is the children’s day and the 6th is… Just friday and we don’t know why we rest

釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-05-04 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 7.20.58.png
Oh, la la. //a song suddenly plays// What the..

釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-05-04 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 7.22.58.png

My dad: OH what a wonderful song! //starts to dance// But this song is familiar..
My mom: //sharp eyes// I know, I also hard this song SOMEwhere…
me: Oh gosh superman SAVE ME!
my young sister: Fantage song is great mom!
My parents: FANTAGE?聽they know what Fantage and WordPress is, I told them
me: -sad lenny face-
my young sister: why? Am I in trouble? But I did nothing bad 馃槮


釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-04-27 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 5.51.17.png釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-04-27 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 5.58.47.png釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-04-27 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 5.59.26.png
Having problems with brown聽mustaches?聽

Or being upset because of your black mustaches?聽

No worries, Purple,Pink, and blue mustaches are HERE!

Just call 987-654-321 to have a nice mustache! You’ll soon earn a EXCELLENT聽looking mustache, which will make EVERYONE envy you.聽

Thought Fantagians girls can’t earn a mustache, except getting Finklestien’s mustache on Orion’s Rare Finds?

NO. Nuh-uh-uh. Get your free mustaches, and have fun making聽everyone jelly!

  • Be careful.聽A lot of people might scam you and hack you since they聽really want your聽mustache.
  • Special discount-First 3 Fantagian to comment down “I’ll buy (add colors you want here) mustache will have a chance to buy the mustache for FREE! 馃榾聽

Have fun with those colorful mustaches!

~virtual mustache team leader, Minso.

A Night In London 2016 part 1

I know I’m super late but, enjoy? Relax, sit down, and read this post as you slowly smile and press “follow”.

釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-04-22 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 7.47.32.png
It used to be “A Night In Paris” but for some reason, it changed into “A night In London”. I like both of ’em, except I’m just curious why they changed it.

釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-04-22 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 7.47.43.png聽This is the event info. I guess part 3 will be user inspired thing, and part 4 is the parade? Maybe..? Or it could be the sick DJ again, like last year.

釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-04-22 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 7.47.51.png聽Now here we are. Voting for Prom Royalty. All of the bloggers say “why does everybody pick Sophia?” “she looks stupid” And yes, I agree with you guys. I think Victoria and Kawaii looks so much better than Sophia, but WHY OH WHY?

釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-04-22 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 7.47.58.png釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-04-22 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 8.14.47.png聽Now here we are, the limited items. I actually like them!! 馃榾 For your information, I bought the second hair, and I think the first hair fits me the most. I should’ve buyed the first one!!! 馃槷 I regret so much.

釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-04-22 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 10.41.09.png
yes! The castle, is again, dressed up for prom. Isn’t the teddy bear soldiers cute?! It’s not snoring like

釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-04-22 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 10.41.42.png
Them!! I would’ve replaced the snoring soldiers into the teddy bears, then it would look so cute.

釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-04-22 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 10.43.23.png
Now the magical terrace. Only open for premium members. I won’t be posting the magical terrace picture, because I am a non member as you can see ;o; But be thankful, I will be posting the picture of magical terrace.

2b712-pm-terrace-1.png聽<credits to maskedfantagewriters> I love the terrace. It looks so.. Magical!! 馃榾 But there’s nothing you can do except chatting, so I guess it’s fair when this is only the place for members?

I guess this is it? Yeah, thanks for reading this awfully boring post, and bye!



New author!

Hey guys! It’s me, Minso… from Fantagediamond! Oh well. Anyways, I am a new author for LeFantagePotato! 馃檪

釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-04-16 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 9.38.30.jpg
Thank you for those who are welcoming me 馃檪聽well I love you still if you hate me or something.

釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-04-16 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 9.48.03.pngI like the blush emoji a lot! Let’s be good friends everyone online, 馃檪

釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-04-16 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 9.49.39.png釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-04-16 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 9.50.40.png釀夅叧釀忈叧釀呩叺釂剦釁a喓 2016-04-16 釀嬦叐釀掅叜 9.52.01.png#typical life of Fantagian short comic I just made because I was so bored ;o;

Thank you for reading this聽boring post! Love you guys!聽Hopefully I won’t get burned again lmao