Nyako Mikenika

Hey guys! Good morning! Guten taag! Bonjour! Hola! Aloha! Shalom! (ok I should stahp)

Anyway, I have recently become obsessed with this anime from the 90’s called          EDENs BOwY. You can find all 24 episodes on Youtube.

My favorite character is a cat/human named Nyako Mikenika (voiced by the same person who did Mami Tomoe).

I couldn’t find an image from google that would fit the format of this post, but

I did make an edit pack of her with a separate base, hair, shirt, and pants (free for use, just don’t credit as your own)Mikenika.pngEdit: Get image in better quality

Bye guys!




HEY YALLSES! I am back after almost a year 😉

So clearly, since I have come back to this blog, I have also created another fantage account 🙂

So my new username is FabCoffeeWaifu (I dont know if you can type in usernames and add the person directly… But if you can add me please?)

My new google plus is Violet Callahan (since I got locked out of my old one) and I am on the fantage community and Fantage Shimmer’s Style Boutique.

This is what my new avatar looks like: (btw I’m such a noob LOL) myvatar


HONHONHON Welp this is le me BOIZZZ
-aaaaaaaaaand the weirdness finally comes out- 

Yep well, see you guys later 😉

~Momo- Chan


So I’m thinking…

I no longer play fantage or animal jam. Because of middle school and stuff, I don’t really have time.

haha just kidding

I do have a lot of homework but no social life LOL

on AJ I got hacked and on fantage I got grossed out

but I still do fantage edits


I’m thinking of


Momo chan!!! Yeay!

Ok bye.


Is this a good idea?

Le ha! Bet you were shocked to see THIS post in your reader. Yup, it’s me, Momo.

I have not posted on wordpress SINCE MAY, OVER 3 FING MONTHS.

I was distracted by things such as: final exams, Avatar, Legend of Korra, and animal jam. Oh I also went to this Harry Potter day camp and it was pretty fun.

Anyway, I have come up with a new idea for a series here on LPPatalef (yes, I changed my blog’s name in mid- April in case you never knew)

It is called: Muffin Monday (with) Momo!

People in my community know me for my awesome baking skills, and I will post an illustrated recipe for a new type of muffin every monday.

Here is the series preview: muffin mondays with momo.png

Hehe so cute right? anyway bye




the duck squad

Minso is quitting blogging… and I am pretty much inactive, (sally, you can delete me if you want) but I need a new admin for LFP, since angie and twinkels are inactive, acb never posted, and minso is quitting… So if you want to be an author, just comment below

.Must be following le fantage potato and duck squad

.I need someone to blog about fantage (comedy, ootd’s, games, raffles)

.I need someone to blog about art (edits, recolors, chibis, raffles)

I need those two people! And if you dont work anywhere and want to, I can hire you (after a short interview.)

Oki byeee


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Hey guys its been fo evah :/

Ok I am currently obsessed with toyger cats

red boy d 2-26-08Dey is the product of a house cat and a tiger having snu- snu. (futurama reference, look it up)

Anyway they is so kewt and I want one

ok bai



Senpai followed me!!!

YOY! Ok so My original senpai was Colour, but she never payed attention to me and she was being TOO MUCH OF A SENPAI, Blizz (my second) and I got in kind of a quarrel, AND NOW SENPAI LYDIA FOLLOWED ME! Welp, because of that, you are now no longer my senpai but I bow to you LOL.


Fashion show

Yass mon. So I have started playing fantage again (ellie you can still use the account)

So I decided to play a fashion show.


(I won)


(I won)

THIRD ROUND: Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 5.11.29 PM.png

Thanks to my bad posing, I got runner up. Here are the final stats:

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 5.12.58 PM.png