Floor 1 recolor shop

Hello potatoes, welcome to Floor 1, recolor shop! 😀 You can order horrible recolors here, just fill out the following format!

Comment down to ask me some more questions about this, and thanks! Some hairs you might wanna checkout:

스크린샷 2016-04-27 오후 6.28.02 스크린샷 2016-04-27 오후 6.32.55 스크린샷 2016-04-27 오후 6.38.06
F you want to use those without signatures, then please email me at minsehyunatgmaildotcom. I learned this from Fantagebirds, that some robots might blackmail or hack your email, so she didn’t use symbols on emails.

More hairs to come~

Okay, your final cost shall be 5 points! If you want the hairs above without signature, you shall give me 5 extra points. 😀 😀 😀 😀 Muhahahaha

Have a nice day shopping in the Potato Mall!


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