Potato points

Hello potatoes! In order to purchase from the Potato Mall, you need to earn Potato Points. So you guys might wonder how to ACTUALLY earn potato points, correct?

1 points: Comment down what you like about this blog
3 points: Like 5 posts!
5 points: Like 15 posts!
5 points: Comment on 5 other posts!
5 points: Follow Fantagediamond, pillowful thoughts, or Picking up the pieces. (author’s blogs)
10 points: To Follow This blog!
15 points: Donate golds! of course, it depends how much gold. You can choose who you want to donate!

Please tell us how much points you earned, because someone could just do some of the above, not noticing about Potato Mall. Everyone can shop here, at the potato mall! Thank you for visiting here, have a nice shopping day! Just make sure your parents have no idea about you online-shopping LOL and don’t freak out you don’t need real moneys lol

If you commented down what you liked about this blog, say “(insert what you like about this blog) I earn 1+points!” And if you liked 5 post, for example, say “I earn 3 points!” at the end of the likes. Ask me more below~ I won’t give you points if you don’t comment down, because some people JUST likes or comments this blog, like I said above.

Have a nice shopping day~ (again)


2 thoughts on “Potato points

  1. 1. I like that it’s my blog
    2. No need to like my own posts but I like yours
    3. Again, no need to like my own posts
    4. Look at the stats, I have over 50 comments.
    5. I do! and Twinkels kinda quit a while ago…
    6. Well duh
    7. Hell no
    so that should be… 29 points 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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